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A summit located in front of the Pyrenees chain, it has been impressive for several centuries; many Campanois, the “porters of the Peak”, took part in the construction of its Observatory; and today it is a “Grand Site de Midi-Pyrénées” known throughout the world …. le Pic du Midi de Bigorre

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Accessible to all thanks to the cable car, it is an essential stage of your stay in the upper Adour valley. On arrival at the summit, you are first of all subjugated by the exceptional panorama of the Pyrenees.

But the Pic is also a great human adventure!

The construction of the Observatory is recounted in its high altitude museum. Today, the Pic du Midi is a renowned place for astronomical observation, and the main research carried out from this Pyrenean summit can be discovered.

The Pic du Midi has recently been designated an International Dark Sky Reserve, and is also a place for preserving the quality of the night. What’s more, it is now possible to book to spend a night there…

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Comment y aller ? Depuis le village de Campan, prendre direction La Mongie/Col du Tourmalet. Stationnement sur le parking de la Mongie, au pied de la gare du téléphérique.
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