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The Espiadet marble quarry in Payolle has been famous since Roman times. Marble was extracted here to make paving stones, baths for the thermal baths, decorations for rich homes, and even sarcophagi. It became “royal marble” at the time of Louis XIV, and today Campan marble can be found all over France…and the world!

Since 2004, an association called “les Marbrés de l’Espiadet” has been working to preserve and promote this heritage.

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Dive into an exceptional geological and industrial history!

Just a stone’s throw from the Payolle lake tourist resort, the vertiginous walls of the quarry set the scene: magnificent slabs of various colours, explanation of the mining methods, old tools, quarrymen’s house, etc…

Comment y aller ? A 15 minutes en voiture de Campan, direction Payolle/Col d'Aspin.
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