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After a short, easy hour’s walk, the Courtaou des Esclozes is a beautiful reward. Let yourself be charmed by this exceptional site, a witness to the life of the past and the know-how of the Campanois.

In 2012, a group of heritage and mountain enthusiasts founded the “Pierre des Esclozes” association with the aim of restoring a hut and a courtaou enclosure (a group of high altitude pastoral huts). The ditch that fed the leytés (stone niche through which water from a canal flows, to keep the milk cool) has also been restored with the help of other local associations.


© Association Pierre des Esclozes

The restoration was carried out using traditional techniques and materials (dry stone walls, slate and local wood). Every year, two workcamps are organised in a festive setting, with the programme including maintenance of the building, cleaning of the gully, etc.

The Courtaou des Esclozes is an example of a successful renovation!

On the site, panels will tell you more about life in the mountain pastures in the past: a place where the Campanois lived for part of the year and the starting point for the production of one of the essential elements of the valley’s economy, butter.

© Association Pierre des Esclozes
Comment y aller ? Plusieurs possibilités s’offrent à vous : depuis Payolle-Les 4 Véziaux, environ 1h15 de marche facile ; depuis le Sarrat de Gaye, environ 40 min de marche facile